Where Does the 2020 Pay Raise Stand?

With summer nearly over, some federal employees may be wondering about next year’s pay raise Here’s where that stands and what NTEU is doing to ensure you receive a fair increase in January.

Before adjourning for the August recess, Congress agreed to—and the president signed— a two-year budget deal that lifts spending caps and raises the debt ceiling. The next step is for Congress to approve the regular appropriations bills by Oct. 1, the start of the 2020 fiscal year.

The House already passed an appropriations bill that would give federal civilian employees an average 3.1 percent pay raise in 2020—a 2.6 percent across the board increase and an average 0.5 percent increase in locality pay. NTEU strongly supports this amount, which matches the increase planned for members of the military.

The Senate, on the other hand, has not yet acted on any of its own appropriations bills. If the Senate advances a different amount than the House or a pay freeze, as the president proposed in his budget, lawmakers will have to reconcile differences in the bills in conference.

Congress will decide on a pay raise, and whatever lawmakers decide will be formalized in an executive order after the bill passes.

NTEU believes federal employees deserve a fair and competitive pay raise for their contributions to our country. We will continue our fight on this important issue when decisions are made.