Reardon Fires Back at Mulvaney Office Relocation Comments

When the Acting White House Chief of Staff boasted that moving agencies out of Washington, D.C., is a “wonderful way” to get federal employees to quit their jobs, National President Tony Reardon did not take it sitting down. 

Reardon penned a sharply-worded op-ed for GovExec explaining how these disparaging comments from Mick Mulvaney, who also serves as Office of Management and Budget director, mark a new low for an administration with an established track record of attacking federal employees.

“Mulvaney has now clearly stated, as administration policy, that relocating federal employees from one city to another is intended to disrupt their lives to the point that they quit their jobs,” Reardon wrote in an op-ed published today. “The loss of skilled, experienced federal employees is not an unfortunate side effect of agency reorganizations: it is the whole point, according to Mulvaney.”

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