Fight Over Executive Orders Heats Up

The worst provisions of the president’s anti-employee 2018 executive orders remain blocked by a court order. However, the administration on Tuesday night asked to remove the injunction immediately, which would essentially free federal agencies to try and weaken employee rights and protections whenever a collective bargaining agreement is opened.

By asking to lift the injunction, it is clear that the administration is all too eager to ignore Congress and allow the president to single-handedly obliterate federal civil service laws and weaken the collective bargaining rights of our nation’s civil servants.

NTEU is fighting to keep the injunction in place. It was properly imposed by a federal judge last year who decided that the orders conflict with existing civil service law. They should not be implemented as long as the legal challenge to the executive orders is still pending with the D.C. Circuit.

As a reminder, NTEU successfully challenged key provisions of the orders in U.S. District Court last August. The government appealed, and last week a three-judge panel ruled that the unions should have taken their concerns about the executive orders to the Federal Labor Relations Authority, not a federal court. We will be asking the full appeals court to review that erroneous decision.

In the meantime, the executive orders that seek to trample the rights of federal employees are not in effect. NTEU is fighting the preserve the injunction and prevent the orders from ever seeing the light of day.