NTEU Chapters Team Up for a Day of Fun

NTEU members at picnic

When it comes to a day at the amusement park, the more the merrier.

Chapter 9 (IRS Cincinnati) and 73 (IRS Cincinnati Campus) recently joined forces for a day of fun, friends and family at Coney Island Park in Cincinnati. The event drew more than 1,600 NTEU members and their families who gathered for a picnic, rides and a chance to catch up with their coworkers and meet fellow NTEU members across the river. 

“Everyone had a great time,” said Chapter 73 President Debbie Mullikin, adding that the food was good and the weather was excellent.  

“Aside from having a great day out, this event provided NTEU members from both chapters a chance to catch up with each other. We had ample opportunity for discussing current events and for professional networking and camaraderie,” said Chapter 9 President Greg Schwartzberg. “It also helped reinforce the NTEU bond that we all share.”

The member-only event, which also featured a TEPAC table, is the first joint event between the chapters. But Schwartzberg and Mullikin are hoping to have more joint events and bring in other local NTEU chapters and members.