HuffPost Focuses on Attacks on Federal Unions

The Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA) is supposed to be an independent agency charged with administering labor law. But its pro-management tilt is harming federal employees, and the media is taking notice.

Since taking office, the new FLRA majority has issued decisions that narrow the scope of bargaining, strip employees of their collective bargaining rights and make it harder to enforce their rights in the workplace.

NTEU continues to alert Congress and the media to this attack on federal employees and their unions.  In a HuffPost article posted Tuesday, President Tony Reardon discusses the sham bargaining at the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the overall state of federal labor-management relations.

“I do not recall an agency so aggressively doing everything it can to ruin the relationship it has with its own employees,” Reardon tells the news site.

At HHS, management has imposed portions of a so-called contract stripping programs like telework and other key rights. The agency refused to negotiate with NTEU, seeking to rush the contract to the Federal Service Impasses Panel, a component of the FLRA charged with resolving bargaining disputes. Unsurprisingly, the administration-friendly FSIP sided with management on many of the unresolved issues between HHS and NTEU. Some HHS employees are already seeing their rights taken away, including long-held telework schedules.  

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