The Government Reopens and Employees Return

NTEU welcomes you back understanding that you have work piled up, continuing financial worries that will exist until you actually get paid and that may last beyond that, and the knowledge that funding only lasts through Feb. 15.

Yesterday the Office of Personnel Management issued a memo for federal agencies encouraging them to be flexible with employees returning to work and keeping in mind that the financial concerns you have are not over. If you cannot afford to get to work until you are paid, call your supervisor and discuss your situation. If you need your paycheck before you can begin child care, call your supervisor. If you have any problems, let your NTEU chapter know.

Your Pay

As soon as the agreement to reopen the government was announced on Friday, National President Tony Reardon sent a letter to OPM and the Office of Management and Budget asking that paying employees be a top priority. It appears that OPM, OMB and the federal agencies are attempting to do just that. 

NTEU believes that employees will be paid this week—many by Thursday. Here is some information on your pay:

  • Furloughed employees will be paid at their standard rate of pay. It will include any premium pay, differentials and allowances you would have regularly earned.

  • Excepted employees will be paid for the work they performed during the shutdown, including overtime hours.

The OPM memo did caution that in order to pay employees quickly, payroll providers may make some simplifying assumptions. If your pay is not entirely correct let your agency know and the payroll providers will make corrections. Read more