Congress, Administration Reach Three-Week Deal to Reopen Government

This afternoon, President Trump announced that Congress would consider, and he would sign, a three-week continuing resolution to reopen the federal government. 

National President Tony Reardon immediately called for the first order of business to be paying federal employees the wages they are due. 

Earlier this month, the president signed into law a bill that requires all federal workers affected by the government shutdown to be paid the money they are due. That law demands that they be paid “at the earliest date possible after the lapse in appropriations ends, regardless of scheduled pay dates.” For NTEU, that means immediately.

Given the financial hardship this five-week shutdown has placed on you and all innocent federal employees, you should be the first consideration as the government gets up and running. In addition, you should be made whole in a way that has no impact on your benefits and that does not cause you to incur additional taxes from lump-sum payments. 

“While this is certainly good news, I hope that Congress and the administration have learned that the people who provide services to the American public matter,” Reardon said. “I caution them to never let this be repeated and to use the next few weeks to fully fund federal agencies for the remainder of this fiscal year.” Read more