Federal Employees Get Christmas Eve Off

The president issued an executive order yesterday closing the federal government on Monday, Dec.24, giving federal employees Christmas Eve off.

Presidents historically have given federal employees an extra vacation day on Dec. 24 when Christmas falls on a Tuesday.

The order notes that some workers may be required to show up for work “for reasons of national security, defense, or other public need.” It also gives heads of executive departments and agencies discretion to decide if offices should remain open on Dec. 24.

The executive order comes as the possibility of a partial shutdown still looms. Congress must approve a funding measure, and the president must sign it, in order to keep the government open past Friday. It is unclear how the order would impact leave for federal employees on furlough should the government move into a shutdown.

NTEU will share additional information as the Dec. 21 funding deadline nears. The union is closely monitoring developments on Capitol Hill and the White House, and continues pressing to keep the federal government open and provide a pay raise in 2019.