NTEU Contacts Agencies Ahead of Hurricane Florence

NTEU is working to ensure agencies are taking the necessary steps to keep employees in the expected path of Hurricane Florence safe and provide the necessary leave to prepare and recover from the storm.

Earlier today, NTEU contacted management at represented agencies asking for detailed information about preparations for Hurricane Florence. Specifically, NTEU asked what instructions managers received about weather and safety leave for employees both before and after the storm.

NTEU asked management to provide employees with information about safe evacuation routes and destinations, as well as emergency phone numbers and a hotline to learn the operating status of their office. The union also urged management at agencies to consider asking the Office of Personnel Management to authorize use of the emergency leave transfer program, which allows federal employees nationwide to donate annual leave to their colleagues in crisis.

We are starting to hear back from agency management and are working with them to assist employees. NTEU's priority is the safety of our members, and we will continue to keep employees updated on developments.