Shine a Spotlight on Your Exceptional Coworker


Federal employees provide vital services for all Americans, and yet their accomplishments are often under the radar. You can help change this by nominating an exceptional coworker for a 2018 Service to America Medal.

Handed out by the Partnership for Public Service, the “Sammies” are known as the Oscars for federal employees. Winners are announced in the fall at a gala dinner in Washington, D.C., and receive cash prizes from $3,000 to $10,000.

NTEU is proud to represent many talented and dedicated federal employees and one of them, Sofia Hussain of Chapter 293 (SEC) was a finalist for a Sammie in 2014. Hussain was recognized for her work cracking securities fraud cases and returning millions to investors. If you know a federal employee whose story will inspire the nation, please submit your nomination by the Jan.17 deadline here. This website also includes guidelines for writing a winning nomination.

All career civilian employees of the federal government are eligible for the Sammies. The Partnership for Public Service generally looks for significant accomplishments that can be quantified, such as dollars saved or people helped. The focus should be on the employee’s work at the agency, not volunteer work. The Partnership also requires references to verify information about the nominee.

There is no limit to the number of nominations an agency or nominator may submit. Learn more