Pay and Retirement Cuts on the Floor This Week

Garssroots Blog

NTEU’s goal: deluge Capitol Hill with phone calls and messages urging the House of Representatives not to gut your retirement benefits and take-home pay.

This week, the House is scheduled to take up its budget resolution for fiscal year 2018 that includes drastic and harmful changes to your retirement. These changes would impact every current federal employee and retiree.

Call your representatives today and tell them not to target federal employee retirement benefits in the budget.

Proposals being considered include slashing current federal employee salaries by 6 to 7 percent by increasing required employee contributions to the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS), eliminating the FERS supplement, and even eliminating the FERS pension.   

NTEU is fighting to block these harmful proposals, but we need every member to get involved before it’s too late. We ask every member to call their lawmakers immediately to urge them to protect federal employee take-home pay and benefits. 

Everything you need to make your phone calls—including a script and contact information—is in one place.

Together, NTEU members will light up the phone lines and send a powerful message to legislators: Don’t touch our pay and retirement benefits.