Health Screening Doubles as Retirement Lunch and Learn

Health Screening

When Chapter 97 (IRS Fresno Service Center) sees an opportunity, they grab it.

After the IRS stopped sponsoring a health fair, the chapter hosted its health screening for members during lunchtime.

“With all the changes and rising costs in health insurance, employees need more than just a website to make important elections,” said Chapter President Jason Sisk, who invited representatives from health insurance companies to answer members’ questions.

The chapter knew the event would draw a big crowd so it came up with an idea—combine the screenings with a lunch and learn to educate employees on the harmful proposals in the president’s budget and show how easy it is to take action.

With nearly 40 members in attendance and on their own time, the chapter did a presentation on the five threats to employee take-home pay and pensions and demonstrated, step-by step, how to send a letter to members of Congress using NTEU’s Legislative Action Center.

“It's important that each federal employee is educated about the proposed cuts to their pay and retirement and knows how they can be impacted,” Chapter 97 Legislative Coordinator Marcella Gutierrez said. “We made it a priority to educate employees and show them how simple it is to send a letter.”

For some employees, the lunch and learn was their first time using NTEU’s Legislative Action Center, and they were surprised by how easy it is to contact members of Congress. The Action Center has pre-written, customizable letters on legislation and issues impacting federal employees. Users select an action alert, enter their home address and the letters are automatically emailed to their members of Congress.

“Some employees came in to learn about retirement and skipped the screening,” said Gutierrez.

Using NTEU’s Legislative Action Center has gotten results for the chapter. “Our members especially love to get letters back from their congressmen,” she said.

“Federal employees cannot afford to sit on the sidelines at this turbulent political time,” added Sisk. “Employees must get involved and be active and aware so they are not harmed for years to come. Our pay, retirement, and now even our collective bargaining rights are under attack.”

Visit the Legislative Action Center to take action today