Drop Cyberbreach Lawsuit? NTEU Says No

The Office of Personnel Management is trying to persuade a federal court to dismiss NTEU’s cyberbreach lawsuit, but the union is resisting that effort.

On July 27, NTEU filed a legal brief opposing OPM’s proposal to dismiss the lawsuit, which NTEU first filed last year and amended this past June. NTEU sued after the unprecedented cyberattacks on the personnel records of more than 20 million federal employees, retirees and their family members, including many union members.

The lawsuit, pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, alleges that OPM violated NTEU members’ constitutional right to informational privacy by failing to properly secure the records despite warnings about security deficiencies from OPM’s inspector general.

Among other relief, NTEU wants the court to order OPM to provide lifetime credit monitoring and identity theft protection for any NTEU member affected by the cyberattacks and to take corrective measures to improve its information technology security.

OPM has until Aug. 29 to file its response to NTEU's filing. The District Court has scheduled oral argument for Oct. 27 on portions of OPM's motion to dismiss the NTEU lawsuit.

You can learn more about the lawsuit and the cyberattacks here.