10 days ago


Support Bills Giving Federal Employees a Voice

NTEU is on Capitol Hill fighting for federal employees to keep a voice in their workplaces, and a seat at the table with management. The union is supporting legislation that would reinstate the labor-management forums that President Trump abolished last year.

14 days ago



Apply for a Second Chance in Student Loan Forgiveness

There’s good news for federal employees who couldn’t get student loan forgiveness because they enrolled in the wrong repayment plan. The program has been expanded to allow some borrowers to have their ineligible payments count toward loan forgiveness.

May 17, 2018


Thumbs Up and Down

Legislation and Proposals You Should Know About

NTEU has made it easy to stay informed on the proposals every federal employee should know about it. Our user-friendly flier lists important legislation affecting federal employee pay, benefits, agency funding and more, along with NTEU’s position on each bill.