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Our mission: To organize federal employees to work together to ensure that every federal employee is treated with dignity and respect.

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Who We Are

NTEU is widely known as a smart, tough organization, well-respected for its knowledge of federal employee issues. And for its determination to work with federal agencies, with Congress, and in the courts to protect, promote and expand the rights of those it represents.

Since 1938, NTEU has been driven by the principle that every federal employee should be treated with dignity and respect. In that time, NTEU has grown to represent some 150,000 bargaining unit employees in 31 federal agencies and departments.

NTEU members are represented by an experienced and professional staff in Washington, D.C., seven field offices across the nation and highly-trained, dedicated local leaders in their workplaces.

NTEU-represented agencies
Dept. of Agriculture
• Farm Service Agency
• Food and Nutrition Service

Dept. of Commerce
• Patent and Trademark Office

Dept. of Energy

Dept. of Health and Human Services
• Administration for Children and Families
• Administration on Community Living
• Food and Drug Administration
• Health Resources and Services
• National Center for Health Statistics
• Office of the Secretary
• Program Support Center

• Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Dept. of Homeland Security
• U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Dept. of the Interior
• National Park Service

Dept. of the Treasury
• Bureau of Engraving and Printing
• Bureau of the Fiscal Service
• Departmental Offices
• Internal Revenue Service
• Office of Chief Counsel
• Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
• Tax and Trade Bureau

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Environmental Protection Agency

Federal Communications Commission

Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

Federal Election Commission

National Credit Union Administration

Nuclear Regulatory Commission

Securities and Exchange Commission

Social Security Administration
• Office of Disability Adjudication and Review

A History of Success

Here is a sampling of NTEU's proud and successful history--from courtroom and legislative victories, to significant contractual and workplace improvements to precedent-setting arbitration wins and much more.


Publication Celebrates NTEU History

AnniversaryA commemorative publication follow NTEU's remarkable growth through photos, narrative and a comprehensive timeline. Learn about the issues and fights that have shaped the union and how we continue to drive change in federal workplaces nationwide.





  NTEU Members Rally


  Chapter 99 Photo

• NTEU won $533 million in back pay for federal employees when an appeals court ruled against President Nixon's 1972 pay raise deferral.

• NTEU's work led to Flexible Spending Accounts.

• An expansion of the ability of employees to contribute to or modify their contributions to the Thrift Savings Plan.

• The union waged a successful fight for a dental-vision plan for federal workers.

• NTEU's 22-year legal battle against OPM regulations exempting special rate employees from annual pay raises ended in victory in 2002, resulting in back pay of $178 million for 212,000 current and former special rate employees.

• NTEU successfully challenged the law prohibiting federal employees from participating in informational pickets.

• An 18-month challenge by NTEU to the IRS' proposed field reorganization and corresponding reduction-in-force of 5,000 employees ended in victory, ultimately saving 29,000 IRS jobs.

• A federal court agreed with NTEU that employees have the right to review promotion files.

• A major First Amendment victory allowed a rally of federal employees on the grounds of a New York federal building.

• NTEU negotiated a precedent-setting employee salary and benefit package with the FDIC.

• A legal challenge by NTEU ended with a federal court decision declaring portions of the Department of Homeland Security personnel rules illegal.

• NTEU beat back an attempt to close dozens of IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers nationwide.

• NTEU won by a 2-to-1 margin a representation election covering more than 20,000 CBP employees.

• NTEU won an unprecedented court victory against an agency's illegal use of appropriated funds to give federal jobs to a contractor without giving employees the chance to compete.

• The Food and Drug Administration dropped plans to close seven of 13 national food-sampling laboratories after NTEU media and congressional efforts highlighted the public safety risks involved.

• NTEU won a lengthy, difficult battle for enhanced Law Enforcement Officer retirement benefits for Customs and Border Protection Officers.

• NTEU was instrumental in securing a presidential executive order establishing labor-management forums across the federal government.

NTEU's public service campaigns reach millions of television viewers and radio listeners with a message about the strong connection between their lives and the work of federal employees.

• After a lengthy fight by NTEU, the IRS ended its costly use of private companies to collect federal taxes--a program subjecting taxpayers to abuse and putting their private information at risk.

• Aggressive and persistent action by NTEU helped push a major telework bill through Congress allowing many more federal employees to take advantage of alternative workplaces.

• The Federal Career Intern Program came to an end after a prolonged campaign by NTEU to halt agency use of the hiring mechanism that disregarded the competitive hiring process.

• NTEU played a key role in protecting vital employee rights in financial regulatory reform.

• With strong NTEU support, phased retirement and enhanced whistleblower protections became law.

• Following a 16-day government shutdown, NTEU secured in Congress language providing back pay to those employees locked out of their jobs.

Strong Leadership

Tony ReardonNTEU is led by two national officers-- National President Tony Reardon and National Executive Vice President Jim Bailey--who along with 15 district national vice presidents comprise the NTEU Executive Board.

Reardon's NTEU career began 25 years ago, when he was hired to serve as the union's Operations Manager. As Chief Operating Executive, he was responsible for NTEU's day-to-day operations including finance, technology and member services. In 2013, he became NTEU's National Executive Vice President, the union's second-highest elected position.

A veteran negotiator, Reardon has led NTEU bargaining teams that have secured some of the best employee contracts anywhere in the federal government.


Jim BaileyHe has also been a key strategic planner and worked closely with chapter leaders and members to advance NTEU's objectives and ensure that federal employees are treated with dignity and respect.

Bailey has also worked for NTEU throughout his professional career.

He started out as an assistant counsel in Chicago and Oakland, Calif., and later opened NTEU's Denver field office, where he served as National Counsel for 18 years. Eight years ago, he was named Director of Field Operations and split his time between Denver and Washington, D.C.

He has collaborated with local chapters to plan and implement grassroots legislative and political campaigns and oversees NTEU's training and organizing programs.

The Voice of Federal Employees

On Capitol Hill
NTEU is leading the fight for fair pay and benefits and for laws that improve the quality of work life for federal employees. Full-time lobbyists work with NTEU leaders and members across the country to educate elected officials on federal employee issues.

At the Bargaining Table
Known for the most innovative contracts in the federal sector, NTEU's bargaining expertise is reflected in such gains as alternative work schedules, flexiplace, transit subsidies, performance awards and much more. Skilled negotiators fight for local and national agreements that advance federal employee rights and benefits.

In the Courts
NTEU has a history of establishing major legal principles and winning millions of dollars in back pay for federal workers not receiving proper compensation for overtime work. In one instance, it pursued a case for 22 years, winning special rate employees more than $178 million in back pay. In another, it won $533 million in back pay for delayed pay raises.

In the Workplace
Experienced attorneys working in offices around the country serve as the direct connection between NTEU chapters and the National Office, and represent members in grievance arbitrations, unfair labor practice hearings, and more. Highly-trained stewards work to resolve employee issues at the lowest possible level and negotiate over local changes to working conditions.

In the Media
Skilled communications specialists take the message of the importance of federal workers to the media and produce publications--both print and electronic--that keep members updated on a timely basis. At the local level, chapters keep members informed of issues via deskdrops, email, web sites, newsletters, meetings and more.

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