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Now in Effect: Leave Flexibilities for New Parents

OPM Data Breach
NTEU Lawsuit Seeks Answers, Protections

NTEU has filed a lawsuit over the Office of Personnel Management data breaches, which resulted in the compromise of the personal information of countless federal employees. 

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Federal employees who are new parents now have expanded leave options.
Federal employees now have access to expanded leave options for the purposes of childbirth, adoption and foster care. Last month, all federal agencies were required to begin implementing expanded leave options for new parents as directed by President Obama's executive memo issued in January.

NTEU worked with agencies to ensure they would implement the new options as quickly as possible. The president ordered agencies to grant leave requests from employees for the purposes of childbirth, adoption and foster care to the extent permitted by law.

The White House directive does not actually create a new form of leave. President Obama’s memo essentially creates new options to take advanced leave (sick or annual) that did not exist.

Agencies must let employees who have a child, who are adopting a child, or have a child placed with them in foster care take six weeks off in a pay status on advanced sick or annual leave if they request it. Read the complete story in the Bulletin.

OPM DATA BREACH Ask lawmakers to ensure federal employee personal information is safeguarded.

PROTECT YOUR FUTURE Ask your senators to oppose any changes to the G Fund rate in the Thrift Savings Plan.

Act now to protect your pay, benefits and healthcare.

BOOST IRS FUNDING Ask your members of Congress to support adequate funding for the IRS

TAKE ACTION! Ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor the FAIR Act, which would provide federal employees with a 3.8 percent pay increase for 2016.

Senate Appropriations Committee’s IRS Budget Plan Will Further Degrade Services The Senate Appropriations Committee’s proposed funding level for the IRS falls far short of what the agency needs next year to fulfill its mission.

NTEU Sues OPM Over Cyberattacks (Read our lawsuit)

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Employees Deserve Immediate Answers and Protection in Cyberattack (Read NTEU's  testimony)

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