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Reardon Testifies on CBP Staffing Needs


NTEU President Tony Reardon testified before Congress on the critical need to increase staffing at our nation’s 328 ports of entry. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) understaffing is causing long delays at the ports for incoming travelers and cargo. These delays impact nearly every sector of the economy.

“There is no greater roadblock to legitimate trade and travel efficiency than the lack of sufficient staff at the ports. Understaffed ports lead to long delays in commercial lanes as cargo waits to enter U.S. commerce and also creates a significant hardship for CBP employees,” Reardon told the House Subcommittee on Border and Maritime Security on Tuesday.

Many front-line CBP employees regularly are working involuntary 12-15 hour shifts or being forced to work temporary duty assignments to address short staffing at other locations.

NTEU supports the administration’s budget request for fiscal year 2017 of a 5.2 percent increase in funding over the current year. President Reardon told the committee that CBP’s workforce staffing models show a need for 2,107 additional CBP Officers and an additional 631 CBP Agriculture Specialists through FY 2017. More

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