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Do Not Force Private Tax Collection on America

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NTEU is strongly urging Congress not to force the Department of Treasury to use private tax collectors, a program which failed miserably in the past. The House and the Senate are considering proposals that would require the Treasury secretary to contract with private collection agencies (PCAs) to collect taxes.

“We have been down this road before and the private companies failed on many levels,” said NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley. “In 2009, the Treasury Department made a considered decision to stop contracting out the collection of taxes. Treasury continues to have the authority to use these companies but has chosen not to. Congress should not now force a failed program back into existence. Lawmakers need to respect the lessons learned.”

The Senate Finance Committee approved an amendment to a draft tax package requiring Treasury’s action on the PCAs and similar language is currently included in a tax reform proposal in the House.

“Using private companies to collect tax debt has been tried before, resulting in millions of dollars lost to the government,” said President Kelley. “It was a bad idea then and it is a bad idea today.” More

NTEU's opposition to private tax collection has generated a great deal of media coverage. See how NTEU makes news today and every day.

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