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Happy Thanksgiving from NTEU

A Message from National President Tony Reardon

Happy Thanksgiving  
On the day set aside for giving thanks, NTEU recognizes the federal employees whose work makes our lives better, but whose accomplishments often go unnoticed.

It’s easy to take for granted the work of federal employees because it is so entwined in our everyday lives. Federal employees defend our homeland, protect our borders, ensure the safety of our natural resources and collect the taxes that keep our country running. Because of federal employees, Americans can enjoy our national parks and make deposits knowing their accounts are insured.

And on this day when we sit down to enjoy large meals with family and friends, we can thank federal employees for protecting the food we eat, and promoting a healthier America in which no one goes hungry.

We are also grateful for the service of those federal employees will be at work and away from their families this Thanksgiving Day.

Even in these challenging and demanding times for federal workers, they are unwavering in their commitment to public service and their missions. On Thanksgiving and every day, NTEU thanks our nation’s federal employees.

Tony Reardon

ALERT FOR CBP OFFICERS Ask lawmakers to oppose diverting customs user fees to pay for a multi-year highway bill!

PROTECT YOUR FUTURE Ask your senators to oppose any changes to the G Fund rate in the Thrift Savings Plan.

Act now to protect your pay, benefits and healthcare.

BOOST IRS FUNDING Ask your members of Congress to support adequate funding for the IRS

TAKE ACTION! Ask your members of Congress to co-sponsor the FAIR Act, which would provide federal employees with a 3.8 percent pay increase for 2016.


UPDATE Latest Information on Breach Notifications

Get updated information on the notification process for those affected by the massive OPM breach involving the theft of Standard Forms 85, 85P, and 86.

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NTEU Blasts Plan to Hire Troubled Industry for Tax Collection Work
NTEU blasted the House for moving forward with plans to outsource the IRS tax-collection work to private collection agencies.

NTEU Renews Objection to Diverting Customs User Fees (Read the testimony)

NTEU Pushes for More IRS Funding  

Sequester Funding Cuts Limit Recruitment and Retention Efforts

NTEU Urges Congress to Raise the Debt Ceiling

Retiree News and Information

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Retired or preparing for retirement?

Get news, information and advice on federal retirement.

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