The Shared Vision Project

NTEU is striving to create a shared vision for our union that would put us on a path to be even stronger ten years from now than we are today. To reach this goal, we are embarking on an exciting research project, The Shared Vision Project. 

The Shared Vision Project
What is the Shared Vision Project?

The Shared Vision Project is a comprehensive research study that will examine what our members, leaders and prospective members want and need from our union. This project will help to provide us with the data and insight into the views, need and perceptions of our members, stewards, officers, chapter presidents and bargaining unit employees. It will assist us in taking a fresh look at the needs and challenges across our agencies and provide us with the data that will further enable us to ensure our resources are being deployed appropriately and to develop strategies to engage our members, enhance our communications and services and continue our great legacy of serving the federal workforce.

What are the details?

As part of the Shared Vision Project, NTEU will be surveying and interviewing NTEU members, leaders and bargaining unit employees throughout the month of August to hear from you about what you want from your union.

A project announcement sent to the work emails of members will be sent later in July to give people the option to opt out of participation if they choose.

The telephone version of the survey will begin in early August. A random sample of employees will be called at their home or cellphones.

An online version will be launched shortly thereafter among employees for whom we have deliverable email addresses and who have not opted out of participation.

Chapters will receive a number of hard copies of the survey with envelopes to distribute to employees who cannot be reached through other means. It will include a postage paid envelope to return the survey. Some members will receive mailed surveys if we cannot reach them by home email or telephone.

What if I want to opt out?

A web page will be created to allow members and bargaining unit employees to opt out of the project.

Will every individual be asked to participate?

Yes, as part of the Shared Vision project, President Reardon wants every NTEU leader and member, and as many bargaining unit employees as possible to be asked for their views. You may be contacted by telephone, email or mail. Some respondents will be asked to participate in focus groups or personal interviews. All will have the option to easily opt out of the study if they wish.

Who will contact me?

NTEU is working with an independent consultant, Whorton Marketing & Research of Silver Spring, Maryland, to manage the project and analyze the data. Wiese Research in Omaha, Nebraska, will be conducting the telephone survey. Their involvement will ensure the impartiality and confidentiality of the responses. All individual responses are confidential and every precaution is being taken to secure our members’ information.

How long will the survey take?

The telephone survey takes no more than 10 minutes, and the online survey should take about 15 minutes. The focus groups will be one hour and the interviews about a half hour.

How will the information be used?

The information will be analyzed and reports will be issued including a full report that analyzes findings overall but also by agency and chapter, when appropriate. This will allow NTEU to better understand your concerns and how best to meet your needs and allocate our resources. The information will also help us construct a Shared Vision to ensure that our union is even stronger 10 years from now and we continue our great legacy and organizing federal employees to work together to ensure every employee is treated with dignity and respect.