NTEU to Continue Fight for Pay Parity, Locality Pay

The president submitted an alternative pay plan on Friday that provides a 2.6 percent pay raise for federal civilian employees, but no increase in locality pay for 2020.

NTEU continues to support the average 3.1 percent increase —a 2.6 percent across-the-board raise with an average 0.5 percent increase in locality pay—the House of Representatives has already approved. 

Locality pay is a critical component of federal pay because it helps address the larger gaps between federal pay and private sector wages in high-cost areas of the country.

Along with providing a necessary and fair pay raise to federal workers, the average 3.1 percent jump would also maintain pay parity with members of the military. Military-civilian parity reflects the continuing contributions of both groups of federal employees to the well-being and security of our nation.

When lawmakers return to Washington, NTEU will continue to urge the Senate to follow the House in advancing a 3.1 percent average pay raise—including locality pay—for the entire federal workforce.