Legislative Conference

More than 350 federal employees from around the country gathered for the 2018 Legislative Conference where they urged lawmakers to protect their workplaces, preserve their benefits, safeguard their agency missions and provide adequate agency funding.

Here are Three Things You Should Know:

  1. Your representatives want to hear from you. As a constituent, your elected representatives want to hear about the issues that concern you.

  2. Federal employee issues are important. Your contributions to the United States matter to Americans and your work keeps this country running. Tell your story.

  3. Sharing your thoughts on critical issues is easy. Learn just how easy at NTEU’s Legislative Action Center.

NTEU Members Take the Fight to Capitol Hill

  Sen. Van Hollen and President Reardon

More than 350 federal employees from around the country gathered from Feb. 7-9 for the union's annual Legislative Conference they urged lawmakers to protect their workplaces, preserve their benefits, safeguard their agency missions and provide adequate agency funding.

National President Tony Reardon was joined at the conference’s opening session by Rep. Val Demings, D-Fla., a veteran civil servant who joined the local law enforcement union on her first day as a sworn police officer in Orlando 28 years ago.

  NTEU Members at the Legislative Conference

“I knew it was the union that would be my best advocate to have a decent wage with decent benefits and I knew quickly it was the union that was going to fight for me,” Demings said. Demings said she supports a 3 percent pay raise for federal employees for 2019 and would oppose efforts to cut federal retirement and health benefits.

Demings is an original cosponsor of HR 4940, which would authorize the hiring of 500 new Customs and Border Protection Officers and 100 Agriculture Specialists every year until the agency’s staffing shortage is alleviated.

  NTEU Members at the Legislative Conference

NTEU’s 2018 legislative agenda is a mix of defense and offense: fighting proposals that would harm civil servants and supporting government spending levels that ensure agencies can adequately serve taxpayers.

“I also believe we should work hard to ensure our federal employees and their families… have quality health care coverage that’s affordable and addresses the rising costs of premiums, copays and prescription drugs,” Demings said.

“You are what drives this country forward and delivers the services the American people expect and need,” Reardon told the attendees. “You do it every day without fanfare and without glory. And you keep at it even as you navigate repeated continuing resolutions and government shutdowns.” 

  NTEU Members at the Legislative Conference
NTEU members with Rep. Demings

The union’s agenda was set earlier this year by a Legislative Advisory Committee made up of federal employees from various agencies.

The committee outlined four main goals: securing agency missions; preserving and enhancing employee benefits such as retirement, health insurance, paid parental leave and telework; improving federal employee pay; and ensuring workplace fairness and maintaining civil service protections. Reardon warned them about the challenges that lie ahead.

“Despite your many accomplishments, despite your commitment to the missions of your agencies and despite your underlying belief in public service, there are elected leaders who don’t want to take the time to truly understand how government works or who simply want to tear our civil service down,” he said. 

“Remember that you are not the swamp, you are not the deep state. What you are is the backbone of this country. You are patriotic Americans dedicating your knowledge, skills and talents to this country.”

  NTEU Members at the Legislative Conference

Finally, Reardon announced that Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., has introduced a resolution (S. Res. 378) commending NTEU on its 80th anniversary.

“We have been in tough places before and we are still standing, stronger and more unified than ever,” Reardon said. “Our strength is our tenacity, our willingness to stand up for what we believe in and our commitment to protect each other. That’s what unions are all about; that is what NTEU is all about.”

Closing the conference was Sen. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., who underscored the importance of voting for candidates who support federal employees in the November midterm elections.