Resources for HHS Employees

HHS is implementing the FSIP decision but that doesn’t mean employees are at the complete mercy of management.  Below are guides that outline the agency’s ongoing obligations and provide tips for employees to secure fair treatment. More guides will be posted soon on topics like telework and leave. 

Latest News

NTEU to Secretary Azar: Do the Right Thing and Return to the Bargaining Table Faith Bargaining, Arbitrator Rules

In light of the arbitrator's ruling that HHS bargained in bad faith, National President Tony Reardon sent a letter to Secretary Alex Azar earlier today requesting that he order his bargaining team back to the table. 

In a decision NTEU received Thursday, a neutral arbitrator ruled that HHS engaged in unfair labor practices by bargaining a new contract in bad faith and prematurely declaring impasse in the negotiations. The decision says that HHS must return to the status quo that existed before a politically-appointed impasses panel imposed harmful articles. It also requires a return to the bargaining table negotiating in good faith with NTEU.

"It is unfortunate that you refused to meet with me and that you ignored the voices of thousands of your employees who signed a petition asking for your respect," President Reardon wrote to Secretary Azar "You dismissed the concerns of members of Congress and you allowed your team to press forward." 

More than a dozen members of Congress have written to Azar sounding an alarm over the agency's failure to bargain in good faith with employees and urging leadership to return to the bargaining table to negotiate a new contract with NTEU.

"This decision is an opportunity to reset our negotiations and for HHS to meet us again at the bargaining table with a sincere desire to reach agreement on a contract, as required by law," Reardon wrote. 

While HHS can appeal the decision with the Federal Labor Relations Authority, Reardon urged Azar to "do the right thing and direct your representatives to abide by the arbitrator’s decision and restart negotiations as ordered."

He added, "Your employees deserve it."

We will continue to keep you updated on HHS' next steps and our ongoing fight to restore your workplace rights and protections.


Guide to Renewing Your Telework Schedule - Language imposed by the Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP) requires HHS employees to renew their telework agreement every six months. NTEU has put together some guidance for HHS employees on renewing, and what to do if your request is denied.

Guide to Performance Plans (One-Pager) - Despite HHS’ efforts to eliminate contract language in this area, management doesn't have carte blanche. This guide explains the agency's obligation to establish and communicate performance standards to employees before they may be held accountable for the standards.

Guide to Your Performance Appraisal (One-Pager) - Dissatisfied with your performance appraisal rating? This guide outlines basic rules the agency must follow and your right to challenge an unfair rating.

Guide to Managing Performance During the Appraisal Period (One-Pager) - This guide outlines employees’ entitlement to performance feedback and provides tips to help ensure fair ratings at the end of the rating period.