Funding Deadline This Friday

Congress has returned from its spring recess facing a tight deadline to approve a funding measure to keep the federal government open. 

On Friday night, the stopgap funding measure lawmakers approved last year to keep the federal government running generally at 2016 levels will expire. To avert a shutdown, Congress must pass—and the president must sign—an omnibus measure or a short-term continuing resolution.

Over the recent two-week recess, lawmakers and the administration were in negotiations over an appropriations measure that would keep federal agencies operating for the remainder this fiscal year. The main two issues of contention are funding for border security and health care.  

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) last week provided guidance for agencies in the event of a shutdown. This step is required by OMB policy one week before a possible lapse in appropriations regardless of whether “enactment of appropriations appears imminent.” Pay and leave information in the event of a shutdown furlough is available on the Office of Personnel Management website.

At the same time as NTEU is working to avoid another shutdown, the union is working to ensure federal employees are protected if a funding agreement is not reached in time. The union is strongly supporting legislation in the House and Senate that would make sure federal workers who are furloughed or forced to work without pay during the shutdown are compensated fully and quickly when the government re-opens, regardless of the next regularly scheduled pay date.

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