NTEU Celebrates Black History Month

Black History Month Banner

Space Exploration. Lifesaving medical breakthroughs. Innovations that shape our daily lives.

NTEU is honored to celebrate America's extraordinary minds during Black History Month. Because of the efforts and perseverance of the many scientists, mathematicians and engineers who broke barriers in their fields, our world has been forever changed.

We're honoring female scientists whose work in the medical field revolutionized vision. Astronauts whose inventions allowed NASA and the world to see parts of space we never thought possible. Inventors and city planners, using their math prowess to create our nation's capital. The legacy of these great minds is all around us and all across the nation.

This Black History Month, NTEU celebrates the known and the unknown, fighting to make our world a better place. 
We encourage you to join us, discover more about the lives and contributions of these African-Americans to our nation, our culture and our lives. (Download this message)


Tony Reardon
National President

Here are photos of just a few of the visionaries who made lasting contributions in one of the STEM fields. NTEU’s fliers explore their contributions and other African-Americans in their fields. Check out the right rail to download a flier in one or all of the fields. 



Charles Drew



George Caruthers



Shirley Ann Jackson



Marjorie Lee Browne