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Your Future

NTEU Fights for Retirees

Federal retirees, you are the voice of experience about the federal workplace and retirement.

Throughout your federal career, NTEU’s tireless efforts helped maintain federal retirement as a solid option.

Now, teamed with NTEU, your voice can help shield federal retirement programs from attacks by some in Congress.



Long-term Care Information

Medicare Information

Phased Retirement Q&A

OPM Retiree page

OPM Insurance Programs Information on health, dental, life, FSAs, long term care

OPM Retirement Calculator Estimates annuity and Thrift Savings Plan benefits to help you identify approximately how much to save for retirement.

Thrift Savings Plan Calculators Get answers to questions like "How much can I contribute?" and "How much should I save?"

Social Security Benefits Calculator Provides an estimate of retirement benefits and lets you create additional "what if" retirement scenarios based on current law.

Federal Employees' Group Life Insurance (Download booklets and handbooks and access a calculator that determines the value of various options for FEGLI coverage.)

NTEU fights every day to protect your hard-earned retirement by testifying before Congress, closely monitoring legislation and speaking out on proposals that threaten your pension and your secure retirement. NTEU is:

Why should you be a NTEU retiree member?
Find out from President Kelley and retirees who are NTEU members.

• Aggressively pressing OPM to eliminate its backlog of retirement claims and speed up processing of accurate and full pension payments;

• Making sure that cost-of-living adjustments that are critical to keeping your pension strong are not tampered with;

• Opposing efforts to use the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program as a replacement for Medicare, which would result in higher health care costs for all; and

• Promoting legislation to address rising prescription drug costs and extend premium conversion to federal retirees to make out-of-pocket health costs more affordable.

Our determination on Capitol Hill has paid off for retirees. NTEU won the right for those covered under the Federal Employees Retirement System to count unused sick leave toward their retirement pension calculation. The union also corrected an anomaly in the law which penalized federal employees under the Civil Service Retirement System who work part-time at the end of their careers by not calculating their pension correctly.

That’s not all. NTEU led the fight to permit federal employees and retirees to keep dependents on their Federal Employees Health Benefits Program until age 26.

Inside the Issues

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