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NTEU Chapter 335 Officers


Robert Cauldwell, Examiner, SE Region

Executive Vice President

Ben Konop, Enforcement Attorney, HQ


Jenefer Duane


Monami Chakrabarti

Field Vice President

Gail Wisely, Examiner, West Region

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June 27, 2014
April 7, 2014

Jan. 27, 2014
Nov. 18, 2013

New Agreement to Increase Ratings For Certain Employees

I have signed an agreement with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau settling NTEU’s grievance over the performance ratings of employees originally rated 3 or 4 on their annual appraisal for Fiscal Years 12 and 13. CFPB has agreed to change those ratings to a rating of 5. 
This is very good news and another important step in acknowledging and addressing disparities in the performance management system at CFPB.

Within 60 days, the CFPB will change each bargaining unit employee’s summary rating for FY12 and FY13 to a Role Model (5), if that employee earned a summary rating of 3 or 4 that year. CFPB will not change individual element ratings or narratives or create any new element ratings or narratives as part of the revised rating. More


NTEU and the Chapter 335 Bargaining Team are Hard at Work!

NTEU and CFPB have begun negotiations on a master collective bargaining agreement. In the first phase of the bargaining, the parties have identified a handful of the most important, time-sensitive issues. They are seeking to reach a relatively quick agreement on those that can be implemented before moving on to more extensive talks on a complete, comprehensive labor agreement. Some of the issues NTEU put on the table include:

Papers on bargaining table  
Pay: including how employee pay increases and bonuses are determined, locality pay, and pay equity.

Performance Appraisals: we seek an end to the current appraisal system and to replace it with a transparent, fair and non-discriminatory system.

Promotions: we are focusing on clear, objective and transparent criteria and timeframes for employees to receive career ladder promotions. Read more


NTEU and CFPB Reach Accord on Pay, Improved Travel Policy

When NTEU won the election to become the exclusive representative of CFPB employees, the union made clear its intention to move promptly to address key workplace issues. Already, meaningful steps affecting both pay and the travel program have now been taken.

What Do You Want to Read About?

Improve Your Work Life with NTEU
Update on Term to Perm Policy
Overtime Issues

While the parties were some distance apart on pay initially, NTEU successfully pressed the issue, with the result that the budget for merit increases will be three percent of total salaries. At the same time, the budget for supplemental lump-sum payments will be 4.5 percent of total salaries.

Clearly, NTEU made a significant positive difference for you in this one-year agreement—and will continue to do so, as this program will be the subject of further discussions over time.

Importantly, despite the current financial pressures impacting federal agencies, CFPB agreed to try to make the lump-sum payments and the merit increases by the initial targeted dates—the end of the calendar year for the lump-sum payments and early 2014 for the merit increases. Thanks to those of you who were actively engaged during this bargaining process. More


Update on Term to Perm Policy 

CFPB recently announced a policy for converting term employees in term-to-perm status to permanent employees. The policy instructs supervisors to begin the conversion process, where appropriate, no later than 6 months prior to the expiration of the employees’ term appointment. NTEU encourages term-to-perm employees to follow up on this policy with their supervisor and make sure the conversion process is underway. If you have any questions about the policy or your status, please contact your NTEU steward.


NTEU is Working to Address Overtime Issues



Making sure overtime compensation systems are properly enforced is one of NTEU’s areas of expertise. If you work overtime or have to travel on weekends to conferences and training, NTEU is working to help put an unambiguous policy in place that compensates employees as required by federal law.

NTEU recently raised an issue related to travel OT with CFPB management, which swiftly corrected the situation and provided the proper compensation for Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)-covered employees. NTEU plans to negotiate an explicit policy in the contract that will require management to schedule conferences so employees can travel on duty time whenever possible.

FLSA requires that eligible employees receive overtime compensation at a rate equal to time-and-a-half an employee’s regular rate, whereas under the more restrictive Federal Employees Pay Act, it is capped. One example of NTEU’s commitment to ensuring proper overtime and that employees are correctly classified is at FDIC where NTEU successfully litigated to get back pay for employees who attended training but were not compensated for their overtime. NTEU filed an FLSA lawsuit and won reimbursement payments for the impacted employees.

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