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Feb. 25, 2015
Feb. 23, 2015

Jan. 30, 2015
Dec. 16, 2014


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NTEU has developed a page with information about the union’s accomplishments on CBPnet Secure, the agency’s online employee portal.

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Making Headlines

The DHS needs a morale boost, NPR, Feb. 23, 2015

DHS hurtles toward shutdown as funding bill stalls, Federal Times, Feb. 23, 2015

Obama budget points to fall in federal pay compared with private sector, Washington Post, Feb. 8, 2015

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NTEU Press Releases

NTEU Leader Urges Congress To End DHS ‘Funding Impasse,’ Avoid Shutdown 

Chaffetz, Cummings Address NTEU’s 2015 Legislative Conference 

CBP Mission Suffers with Short-term Funding  

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Job Swap

Take advantage of NTEU's Job Swap Database providing members with the ability to swap positions with other employees who are in the same job series, grade, and specialty designation.

Read real-life stories about how NTEU succeeded in helping three CBP Officers switch places and find home.

Congress Urged to Act Fast and Pass Funding Bill

At the end of the week, funding for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) will expire. Congress has just a few days to pass a funding bill and avoid a lapse in appropriations that will cause a partial shutdown of the department.

If Congress fails to fund DHS before Saturday (Feb. 28), DHS will have no option but to partially shut down. If that occurs, some DHS employees will be subject to furloughs, which places them in non-pay status until Congress passes an appropriations bill. Employees required to report to work will not receive pay until a funding bill is approved. More


NTEU Seeks Status of Staffing Model


Ag Specialist

NTEU has asked CBP for an update on the release of the Agriculture Specialist workforce staffing model that has been long delayed.

President Colleen M. Kelley sent a letter to CBP Commissioner R. Gil Kerlikowske requesting a date for the staffing model’s release. The model, detailing the proper number of Agriculture Specialists, was scheduled for release in September 2013 but was delayed in order for it to be “validated internally; as well as formally presented to management.” More


Improvements to CBP Uniform Program Secured

After recent discussions with CBP over the uniform program, NTEU has successfully negotiated improvements that address safety concerns and other issues raised by local chapters. Download a flier highlighting uniform program changes.

CBP now authorizes boonie hats as part of the Class 4 Battle Dress Uniform for CBP Officers, Agriculture Specialists and Seized Property Specialists. NTEU believes that employees who work under excessive sun exposure should have hats for protection.

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Why Join NTEU?

By joining NTEU, you are a part of the latest chapter in our long and accomplished history at CBP that began in 1975, at what was then the U.S. Customs Service.

Today, NTEU is proud to represent more than 24,000 CBP employees under a strong and vibrant contract.

Here are some of the benefits NTEU worked hard to secure at the bargaining table, on Capitol Hill and in the workplace:

  • A robust telework program

  • Transit subsidies

  • Alternative work schedules

  • Parking benefits

  • Proper pay for overtime

  • A job swap program

  • Voluntary reassignments

  • Enhanced retirement benefit for CBPOs

  • A higher uniform allowance

  • A fair, transparent and consistent bid and rotation system

  • Performance awards

  • A foreign language awards program

  • A say in your office space

  • A stronger grievance procedure

NTEU members also get low group rates on a range of insurance programs to protect members and their families, and discounts on consumer goods, moving expenses and vacation options. Get a detailed information about NTEU member benefits.

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