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Sept. 8, 2014
Aug. 15, 2014

July 21, 2014
June 27, 2014


Working for You

Here is a peek at what is inside the latest issue of NTEU Working for You:

  • Message from President Kelley
  • CBP Official Addresses NTEU Leaders
  • NTEU Wins Case After Case on Back Pay
  • Chapter Photos of Union Pride

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Information is power, and NTEU members are among the most informed federal employees around. Here is why.

NTEU CBP members get exclusive access to news and information about their workplace from two sources: the NTEU CBP Update , our e-newsletter, and the Members Only page.

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NTEU has developed a page with information about the union’s accomplishments on CBPnet Secure, the agency’s online employee portal.

Bargaining unit employees can read about the rights and protections of NTEU members and get information on member benefits. Visit the NTEU page from a government computer.

Making Headlines

House OKs Bill Allowing 1 Percent Pay Raise, Despite Obama Veto Threat, GovExec, July 16, 2014

Online calculator shows what a pay raise would mean for federal workers next year,, May 28, 2014

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NTEU Press Releases

Vital Travel and Tourism Slowed By Inadequate CBP Port Staffing 

NTEU Applauds Senate Bill Calling for 3.3 Percent Federal Pay Raise in 2015

NTEU Calls for CBP Authorization To Address Need for Increased Staff 

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Job Swap

Take advantage of NTEU's Job Swap Database providing members with the ability to swap positions with other employees who are in the same job series, grade, and specialty designation.

Read real-life stories about how NTEU succeeded in helping three CBP Officers switch places and find home.

11 Ideas to Boost CBP Morale and Engagement

CBP Officers on duty

A concerted joint effort by the CBP Office of Field Operations (OFO) and NTEU leaders—known as the Deep Dive Initiative—has resulted in 11 suggested action items to create a more engaged and empowered workforce and a better, more productive working relationship between OFO and NTEU.

The suggestions emerged from an NTEU-CBP workgroup that met in May as part of a long-term process to improve employee engagement and morale. These ideas will be presented to the CBP-NTEU OFO Forum for its consideration and approval and a working group will oversee implementation.

Some of the action items include:
1. Strengthening employee development;
2. Creating a more flexible rewards system; and,
3. Cultivating a culture of trust through team building sessions.

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NTEU Makes Telework Recommendations to DHS

Under federal law, NTEU has the right to provide input to DHS regarding its proposed policies that impact the DHS employees in our CBP bargaining unit, and the union has exercised those rights in providing comment on telework.

NTEU shared insight on what works and what hinders effective telework programs. That insight comes from NTEU members and leaders who have shared thoughts, ideas and frustration with the union over the past 5 years as CBP implemented the telework program in the NTEU-CBP contract.

Among the recommendations:
· Treating telework employees no differently than traditional office employees;
· Allowing employees to telework up to five days a week, instead of limiting the number of telework days; and,
· Ensuring the availability of all necessary equipment upon the approval of a telework application.

While CBP has made important strides in transitioning to an improved telework program, hopefully these suggestions will continue to expand the telework opportunities for CBP employees.

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Why Join NTEU?

By joining NTEU, you are a part of the latest chapter in our long and accomplished history at CBP that began in 1975, at what was then the U.S. Customs Service.

Today, NTEU is proud to represent more than 24,000 CBP employees under a strong and vibrant contract.

Here are some of the benefits NTEU worked hard to secure at the bargaining table, on Capitol Hill and in the workplace:

  • A robust telework program

  • Transit subsidies

  • Alternative work schedules

  • Parking benefits

  • Proper pay for overtime

  • A job swap program

  • Voluntary reassignments

  • Enhanced retirement benefit for CBPOs

  • A higher uniform allowance

  • A fair, transparent and consistent bid and rotation system

  • Performance awards

  • A foreign language awards program

  • A say in your office space

  • A stronger grievance procedure

NTEU members also get low group rates on a range of insurance programs to protect members and their families, and discounts on consumer goods, moving expenses and vacation options. Get a detailed information about NTEU member benefits.

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