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July 21, 2014
June 27, 2014

June 3, 2014
April 14, 2014


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Making Headlines

House OKs Bill Allowing 1 Percent Pay Raise, Despite Obama Veto Threat, GovExec, July 16, 2014

Online calculator shows what a pay raise would mean for federal workers next year,, May 28, 2014

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NTEU Press Releases

Vital Travel and Tourism Slowed By Inadequate CBP Port Staffing 

NTEU Applauds Senate Bill Calling for 3.3 Percent Federal Pay Raise in 2015

NTEU Calls for CBP Authorization To Address Need for Increased Staff 

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Another Victory in Fight for Fair Scheduling

CBP Officers on duty

NTEU has received another favorable arbitration decision concerning the scheduling of CBP Officers and Agriculture Specialists. NTEU has been regularly challenging CBP's policy when it schedules Officers and Specialists in a way that does not provide them with consecutive regular days off and/or the same daily hours of work for their entire work week. These are required in federal law and the NTEU contract.

CBP argued that a memo issued in 2008, known as the Basham memo, determined that deviations from federal law were appropriate if local managers determine that compliance would substantially increase costs or seriously handicap the ability of CBP to accomplish its mission. Since its issuance, CBP has claimed that while it would like its managers to schedule employees consistent with the requirements, they are under no obligation to do so as long as local managers claim that consecutive days off and uniform work hours would either increase costs or adversely impact the CBP mission.

The arbitrator determined that the Basham memo was sufficient to allow deviations from the requirements—in certain circumstances. But there are limits. To satisfy the "reasoned determination" requirement, local CBP managers, consistent with CBP policy, must justify in written documentation why employees are being scheduled without two consecutive days off or consistent work hours. Because CBP did not do that during the time period covered by the grievance, the arbitrator found that te agencyviolated the law. More


Congress Still Debating Funding for Next Year

U.S. Capitol at night  

Appropriations bills for fiscal year 2015 are still under consideration in the House and the Senate. The most recent activity was approval in late June of legislation by the Senate Appropriations Committee that would help address chronic underfunding and understaffing at the agency.

The committee-passed bill would increase by $2 the immigration user fee to provide funding for an additional 1,000 CBP Officers in the coming fiscal year.

Through testimony, letters and direct conversations, NTEU has made it clear to lawmakers that CBP needs sufficient resources to meet its missions and continued underfunding hurts the economy and puts the nation at risk.

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  • A job swap program

  • Voluntary reassignments

  • Enhanced retirement benefit for CBPOs

  • A higher uniform allowance

  • A fair, transparent and consistent bid and rotation system

  • Performance awards

  • A foreign language awards program

  • A say in your office space

  • A stronger grievance procedure

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