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Check Out NTEU’s Page on CBPnet Secure

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NTEU has developed a web page with information about the union’s accomplishments on CBPnet Secure, the agency’s online employee portal. Bargaining unit employees can read about the rights and protections of NTEU members and get information on member benefits.

The page, which will be updated periodically, also lists links to important information about the contract, the job swap program and more. NTEU successfully negotiated the page with CBP as an effort to make helpful information about the union easily accessible to employees at work.

Access NTEU’s page from any government computer by visiting:

NTEU Ensures Member Safety
in Processing Cruise Passengers

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Chapter 161 (CBP Newark) worked with CBP management to ensure Officers were given the appropriate equipment to safely process more than 3,000 passengers and crew from Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas cruise ship. Nearly 700 people fell ill with a highly contagious stomach virus.

Using masks, gloves and other protective gear, NTEU-represented CBP Officers working at the Cape Liberty Terminal in Bayonne, N.J. processed the thousands of travelers coming home.

“We made sure that employees were protected,” Juan Cosme, president of Chapter 161, said. “And the men and women here did not hesitate. They know their mission and what they need to do.”

The cruise stopped its 10-day trip and returned to port two days ahead of schedule due to the escalating reports of vomiting and diarrhea. Once the ship docked, 16 CBP Officers worked on processing the cruise passengers in the terminal while other NTEU-represented Officers were among those who actually boarded the vessel.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suspects the virus to be norovirus. If lab results confirm it, it would be one of the largest norovirus outbreaks in 20 years, according to the CDC.

San Juan Members Volunteer in Plane Crash Rescue Effort

NTEU-represented CBP Officers in San Juan went above and beyond the call of duty to respond to a cargo plane crash in December.

The plane departed Dec. 1 from the Dominican Republic headed for Puerto Rico’s main airport when it disappeared from radars. Two days later, CBP Officers of the San Juan Intensified Security Posture Team (ISEP) received a request for support and immediately volunteered to assist at the crash site, located on rugged terrain on the northern coast.

“We usually respond to events at a moment’s notice, so when this call came, we all responded right away,” said Gerardo Gomez, ISEP team member and chief steward of Chapter 188 (CBP Puerto Rico).

Gomez and six other NTEU members assisted with the dangerous search and rescue mission, joining local, state and other federal agencies on the scene.

Two American citizens were piloting the plane and perished in the crash. The CBP Officers also inspected the plane’s cargo, which according to Gomez, was spread out over a two-mile radius.

CBP San Juan Team

Bargaining Continues on Awards and FLAP Funding

NTEU continues bargaining over two CBP proposals that reduce funding in two critical programs: performance awards and the Foreign Language Award Program (FLAP).

CBP is trying to reduce awards funding to 0.6 percent from 1 percent of employee base pay and wants to decrease FLAP funding to $3 million from $19 million.

The union filed grievances against each proposal and met with a mediator during negotiations last month in its efforts to restore full funding for both programs.

Stay tuned for developments.

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