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NTEU in the News

NTEU is not only a voice for federal employees on Capitol Hill, at the bargaining table and in the courts, but also in the media. Each day, NTEU takes the message of the importance of federal workers to newspapers, radio and television stations nationwide.


President Kelley at a Capitol Hill press conference.

President Kelley on Capitol Hill

Radio & TV Interviews

Watch NTEU President Colleen M. Kelley discuss the campaign on News Channel 8's Capital Insider (Washington D.C.)

WJLA-TV, Washington, Oct. 10, 2013

WJLA-TV, (Washington, D.C.) Oct. 4, 2013  

CNN Newsroom, Oct. 1, 2013

NTEU'S Capitol Hill Media Briefing, Oct. 1, 2013

Bloomberg TV, Oct. 1, 2013

WUSA9 (Washington, D.C.), Sept. 24, 2013

News Channel 8 (Washington, D.C.), Sept. 24, 2013

If The Government Closes, 'Essential' Employees Would Work, NPR, Sept. 26, 2013

Canceled furlough day welcome, but what about Aug. 30? Federal News Radio, July 17, 2013

NTEU Op-Eds and Letters to the Editor

The Internal Revenue Service Isn’t at All Like Enron, Wall Street Journal, June 12, 2013

Are federal workers fairly paid? Washington Post, Nov. 22, 2012

Taxpayers pay for sky-high contractor salaries, Politico, May 7, 2012

Do not interfere with America’s federal workforce, GovExec, May 11, 2012

Where the CBO report on federal pay went wrong, Washington Post, February 2, 2012

Here is a sampling of these newspaper articles, editorials and opinion pages. And don't forget to visit Month in Media for a round-up of media stories that mention NTEU.

Watchdog: Budget and staffing cuts hurting IRS performance, Washington Post, April 21, 2014

Union: Don't Force IRS to Hire Private Collectors Again (Associated Press), The [Lakeland, Fla.] Ledger, April 15, 2014

NTEU: Don't privatize tax collectors, Politico, April 15, 2014

Should the IRS use private firms to collect taxes? Washington Post, April 15, 2014

NTEU fights proposals to use private tax collectors, Federal Daily News, April 15, 2014

Should the IRS Outsource Collection of Tax Debt?, April 15, 2014

Reports raise concerns over security at federal field offices, Baltimore Sun, April 11, 2014

Union to House: Give transit riders a bigger tax break, The, April 8, 2014

18 million callers can't reach IRS for tax help, CNN, April 9, 2014

Report on civil service reform includes controversial recommendations, Washington Post, April 4, 2014

Your Mass Transit Benefits Could Soon Double,, April 3, 2014

House Republican budget proposal debuts, Federal Daily News, April 2, 2014

Federal employees are taxpayers, community members and parents, Laredo (Tex.), April 1, 2014

Partnership for Public Service urges civil service reform; unions object, Washington Post, April 1, 2014

GOP budget would amount to pay cut for federal employees, Washington Post, April 2, 2014

Ryan Budget Calls for Hike in Federal Employee Retirement Contributions,, April 1, 2014

Budget proposal would reduce federal workforce, end pensions, Federal, April 1, 2014


House bill calls for larger civilian raise, Federal Daily News, March 26, 2014

House Dems push for larger pay raise for feds, Federal News Radio, March 26, 2014

IRS workforce losses hobble agency, union says, Federal Daily, March 24, 2014

Finally, a new emphasis on federal training (commentary), Federal News Radio, March 7, 2014

President proposes historic numbers of CBP officers, Federal Times, March 5, 2014

Federal labor groups find highs and lows in president's budget, Federal Daily News, Mar. 5, 2014

White House budget aims to boost federal employee pay, training, Federal News Radio, Mar. 4, 2014

Obama’s plan for a 1 percent federal pay hike can survive even if his budget doesn’t, Washington Post, Mar. 5, 2014


Key Senate panel to probe federal pay, morale issues, Federal News Radio, Feb. 26, 2014

Unions push for larger federal pay raise, Federal Times, Feb. 26, 2014

Persistent budget cuts hurt government, union head says, Federal Times, Feb. 26, 2014  

Locality Pay Still in a Deep Freeze, GovExec, Feb. 26, 2014

President's 2015 budget proposal to include 1 percent pay hike, Federal Daily News, Feb. 24, 2014

Labor unions disappointed at 1 percent pay raise Obama to propose for federal workers, Washington Post, Feb. 25, 2014

Obama to propose 1 percent pay raise in FY15, Federal Times, Feb. 24, 2014

Obama to propose 1 percent pay raise for federal workers, The, Feb. 24, 2014

Unions want repeal of federal pension cuts, The Hill, Feb. 19, 2014

Treasury Employees Launch Pro-Federal Worker Ad Campaign, Union City!, Feb. 17, 2014

Federal employee unions look to improve image of workforce, The Baltimore Sun, Feb. 14, 2014

Union campaign to emphasize key role of federal employees, Federal Daily News, Feb. 13, 2014

White House: Federal agencies make ‘significant progress’ in performance goals, Washington Post, Feb. 14, 2014

New Campaign Seeks to Improve Public Perception of Feds, GovLoop, Feb. 13, 2014

Union campaign to emphasize key role of federal employees, Federal Daily News, Feb. 13, 2014

NTEU launches federal employee awareness campaign, Federal Times, Feb. 12, 2014

Union Wants to Change the Conversation On Federal Employees, GovExec, Feb. 13, 2014

NTEU ad campaign spotlights work of federal employees, Federal News Radio, Feb. 12, 2014


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