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NTEU-IRS Contract Quiz: Tuition Assistance Program

School is expensive. For IRS employees who are committed to continuing their education, however, there is a program available to help cut some of those higher education costs. If you want to build on your career, improve your existing job skills and take that next step toward a promotion you need to check out the Tuition Assistance Program. TAP will help pay for ongoing education related to your job or that helps further the mission of the IRS.

Take the quiz below to see how much you know about TAP and see if it is time for you to go back to school—with a little help. The answers appear once you click on the "Grade me" button below.

  1. The TAP program funds employee education expenses related to existing duties and career development.

  2. Employees may obtain funding through TAP for the cost of tuition only.

  3. Employees may apply for TAP funding during open season twice each fiscal year.

  4. TAP provides the funding for courses, but employees must attend classes on their own time.

  5. All TAP applications that meet the eligibility criteria will be approved for TAP funding.

  6. There is no timeframe for completion of courses funded by TAP.

  7. TAP applications may only be submitted online.

  8. Employees may take up to four courses funded through TAP each fiscal year.

  9. The IRS may not unilaterally terminate the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP).

  10. The TAP Letter of Understanding (LOU) and Guidelines are attached as an exhibit to the 2009 National Agreement II.


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